Top 3 Gyms in Daytona, Beach FL

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TOP 3 GYMS IN Daytona beach, fl

 Posted by  Andi Ferido on June 20, 2018

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How it Works

As we go through the top 3 gyms in Daytona Beach FL we have decided to streamline our gym standards into 5 categories:

Membership Fees

 Your fitness journey is a continuous one. You cannot stop once you’ve achieved your weight goal. You have to maintain it. Membership fees come into play because you want to be able to sustain that gym membership. You can’t just exercise when you have the budget for it, so it should not break the bank.

Gym Hours

We all have different schedules. It’s good to have a gym that is open to you at your most convenient time.


Gyms should have a wide range of equipment to target different parts of the body. It also lets you exercise with variety. As good as it is, you can’t do cardio all the time!

 Classes Offered

 Classes are a great alternative to traditional exercise. It breaks the monotony of exercising on your own. Participating in a class lets you interact with other people; it’s fun and a great way to meet new friends.

Childcare Options 

There will be times that you’d have to bring the kids along to the gym - the babysitter is suddenly sick and your husband cannot attend to them or they just won’t let you out of sight. Either way, a trusted child care arrangement in the gym is a nice thing to have.  

Now that we have enumerated and explained our categories, let’s race to the fitness places here in Daytona Beach!

Welcome to the Fun Coast!

Daytona Beach, FL, the hybrid of speed and chill. Dubbed as the “Fun Coast”, you will never run out of things to do. Are you into cars blazing in full speed? Daytona, FL is the home of Daytona International Speedway, NASCAR’s headquarters.

However, thrill is not the only drill in Daytona, FL - here, they also know how to chill. With 23 miles of white-sand beaches, it is no wonder where they got their name Daytona Beach.

Daytona, Beach, FL is an all time favorite destination among Americans and foreigners. With major events all throughout the year tourists flock to Daytona all-year round.

Amidst all the thrill and chill, those beach bodies you see all over the shore? They did not happen overnight nor were they born that way! Today, I am going to take you to a tour of the top 4 gyms in Daytona Beach, FL that would help you achieve that Daytona Beach-body.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is one of the popular gym franchises in the country. Found all over the United States, Planet Fitness is also in Daytona Beach, Florida. Located at 1423 South Nova Road, Daytona Beach, FL, Planet Fitness is known for its Judgement Free Zone fitness centers.

Membership Fees




*With $39 Startup Fee (Offer expires June 30th)


Unlimited Access to Home Club
Free Fitness Training

Black Card


*With $1 Startup Fee  (Offer expires June 30th)


Reciprocal use of all Planet Fitness® Franchise Locations
Unlimited Guest Privileges at All Planet Fitness Locations
Unlimited Use of Hydromassage
Use of Tanning
Unlimited Total Body Enhancement
Unlimited Use of Massage Chairs
1/2 Price Cooler Drinks (Restrictions may apply)
PF Black Card T-Shirt
PF Black Card Key Tag
20% off Reebok products

No Commitment


*With $29 Startup Fee (Offer Expires June 30th)

Unlimited Access to Home Club
Free Fitness Training

Gym Hours

    Open 24 Hours Monday through Friday
    Open Monday at 12:00 AM thru Friday at 9:00 PM
    Saturday & Sunday 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM


  Numerous cardio machines, strength equipment, squat rack, barbells, dumbbells, bench press, just to name a few, are available. Planet Fitness has a wide range of equipment that will surely do every part of your body good.

 Classes Offered

In Planet Fitness Daytona Beach, FL, they offer PF 360 Burn, Core, 30-Minute Express Circuit, Back and Triceps, PF 360 Refresh, Chest and Biceps, PF360 Strength, Legs and Shoulders, and Stretch classes.  

Childcare Options 

Planet Fitness does not offer child care arrangements.

Greater Fitness

Greater Fitness is proudly locally owned and operated. Located at 1500 Beville Road, Daytona Beach, FL, Greater Fitness is family-owned and rooted in Daytona. Their gym philosophy is to work hard and get great results, because their family fitness-oriented and active. Here in Greater Fitness, you immediately feel like you belong.

Membership Fees

Greater Fitness offers membership for as low as $14.99. For more information about their membership options, call them at  386-310-7857, or drop by the gym during staffed hours.

Gym Hours

Open 24/7


Greater Fitness is equipped with Matrix and Hampton equipment. They also have weight machines, kettle bells, free weight up to 100 pounds, and benches. Recently, they have also acquired a Hack Squat machine. The cardio machines available are treadmills, elliptical, bikes, steppers, rowers, and more.  

 Classes Offered  

Greater Fitness conducts a variety of classes such as Dance Fit, Gentle Stretch Yoga, Yoga Flow, Gentle/Yin Flow, Ashtanga Inspired Flow, Zumba, Crazy Core, Spinning, Circuit and Cycle, and Silver and Fit/Silver Sneakers.

Childcare Options 

Greater Fitness does not offer child care arrangements.

Delta Life Fitness 

Delta Life Fitness is a women-only gym franchise located at 700 Fentress Blvd #700c, Daytona Beach, FL. They operate under a 3-step process: exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. Delta Life Fitness provides a safe space for women to work out comfortably.

Membership Fees 

Membership packages vary in Delta Life Fitness centers based on packages but the first workout is free. To know accurate information call them at 386-589-0609.

Gym Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 5:30 AM - 9 AM; 4:30 PM - 8 PM

    Saturday: 8 AM - 10 AM

    Sunday: Closed


Delta Life Fitness has equipment for cardio, circuit training, and toning your body. 

 Classes Offered  

Delta Life’s primary catered service is their 30-minute workouts that are highly-effective, total body workout. Tone and Torch workouts are high-intensity exercises followed by low-intensity movements or resting periods. It is a combined body sculpting exercises with bursts of cardio.

Childcare Options 

In Delta Life Fitness, they have a supervised Kid’s Corner where your child can stay while you exercise.  

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